Machine Learning and Natural Language

Spring 2011

Critical Reading Essays (updated 01/15/11)

The additional reading material in this class was chosen to complement the material presented in class. Papers chosen augment the lectures by describing additional models and algorithms and their use in applications. The paper listed do not provide an exhaustive collection of the major papers in the area, but are supposed to provide a relatively representative collection that span the key ideas.
If you know of additional relevant paper and/or interested in presenting/surveying papers that are not listed, please let me know.


There will be 4 critical reading essays.
Tentative deadlines for the fours critical reviews are:

Please send the reviews to me by email whenever you want. Make sure you send all four essays before the deadline listed above.

You can choose any of the papers listed on the class' web page, but not the paper you will present in class.

If you choose a paper that is presented in class you must send the critical essay before it is presented. This does not hold for the last, long review; given the amount of work expected there, it's okay if you review a paper presented earlier.
You are encouraged to read more papers from the list, and follow up on the references in the papers listed (in some cases, you will have to do it in order to understand the paper).
In addition to get you better acquainted with key ideas and applications, the goal is to train you in reading a research paper both quickly and effectively.


There are two types of critical reviews; three of the four will be short reviews, and the fourth one will be a longer critical review.
For the list of papers follow the course plan page